The End

  1. The End -:-- / -:--

Now, now is the moment
When I say it’s over
When I say I’m through
Now, now is the moment
When I tell you I’m done
When I’m finally over you

And I’ve said all that I can say
Now you know everything
Faced my demons and
I can’t believe that I loved you
But at least I don’t love you no more

I’ve faced all of my fears and
Now that I’m standing here
Out on my own two feet
I don’t need you to be happy
I never needed you to make me

Now, now is the end
My soliloquy’s over
Our story is through
And now, now is the end
The end of an era
The end of the heartbreak
I got from you

And I cried all the tears I had
Baby I’m so damn glad
You don’t have a place in my heart
And I used to be so afraid
You couldn’t be replaced
I hope there’s only one of you
‘Cause I can’t go through this again

Look what you did to me, did to me

It’s the end
The end of all the drama
The end of all the heartache and misery

Now it’s the end
The end of me loving you
The end of me holding on
To something I should’ve let go
A long, long, long, long time ago